samedi 1 septembre 2012

Wilma4ever's Progressive Blog Challenge

During the month of September we will be hosting a Progressive Blog Challenge!


Here's how it works:
1. collect mini kits from each blog on the list below
2. make a layout with the mini kits
3. post your layout in the gallery HERE and thread HERE
4. win a prize (there are prizes for all participants)!
Many thanks to Sugarbutt Designs and April The Scrapoholic for the prizes!

Here is the list of blogs to visit:
(we are all on different time zones, so check back if some of the blogs have not posted yet, thank you)
1. Scrappin Wright
2. ABCreations
3. PattyB Scraps
4. April The Scrapoholic
5. Moody Designz
6. WilmaFourever
7. Pink
8. Sugarbutt Designs
9. Gallerie de Jackie

10. Tina Shaw
Gratuit pour les visiteurs de mon blog

2 commentaires:

6grand a dit…

Thanks so much :)

GramZ a dit…

Thank you! Can't wait to play.